Note: As a precautionary measure, all classes/events are canceled at the center until the 2nd week of May due to the Corona virus. We appreciate your understanding and will keep you updated. Online Raja Yoga / Guided Meditation registrations are open. Click here for Events Page

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Why Meditation?

  Meditation is the journey inwards, a journey of self-discovery or, in fact, re-discovery. Meditation is time taken for quiet reflection and silence, away from the hustle and bustle of daily living. Taking time out enables us to come back to a centered place of being.

   In our modern world, the pace of life is growing ever faster and we are losing touch with our true inner peace and power. When we no longer feel grounded, we can experience ourselves pushed and pulled in many different directions. It is at this point that we start to experience stress and a feeling of being trapped.

  Gradually, over time, this feeling leads to illness and disease, as our mental, emotional and physical health is thrown out of balance. 

Raja Yoga Meditation

  Raja Yoga is an ancient method of meditation and spiritual understanding.

  • It enables us to return to a state of inner peace and inner power. 

  • It provides many answers to questions relating to our identity and purpose and opens up a pathway to true peace of mind.

  • At its deepest level, Raja Yoga Meditation is taught as a practice of self-awareness, that leads ultimately to self-realization. ​

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